The Finalists

Gudness Bar

Gudness Bar Founder: Rajvi Mehta, Duke University School of Medicine
Twitter: @spreadgudness

Rajvi Mehta

The Gudness Bar combats the widespread prevalence of iron-deficiency anemia in India by: 1) increasing awareness of the condition by mobilizing local communities and 2) through the manufacture and sale of our easy-to-eat, palatable, and affordable nutritional iron-rich bar, Gudness, which provides the WHO recommended daily iron dosage.

Gym Supreme

Gym Supreme Founder: Obidi Orakwusi, University of Maryland
Twitter: @gymsupreme

Obidi Orakwusi

Gym Supreme is a fitness start-up that designs patented fitness products with amazing functionality that helps us stand out in the industry. The mission is to help humanity finally stay consistent with their health goals and it starts with our first product, the Mega Bar, the most versatile and compact resistance exercise product of the decade.


Scholly Founder: Christopher Gray, Drexel University
Twitter: @scholly5

Christopher Gray

Scholly is a mobile and web app that allows high school students, current college students, and graduate students an easy way to find scholarships for college.

Snappy Screen

Snappy Screen Founder: Kristen McClellan, Cornell University
Twitter: @snappyscreen

Kristen McClellan

SnappyScreen is the world's first touchless sunscreen application system and a new, easy and effective alternative to the tedious manual application of sunscreen.


VirtualU Founder: Louis Cirillo, Virginia Tech
Twitter: @virtualfitness

Louis Cirillo

VirtualU integrates 3D human modeling technology into the fitness/healthcare space so that people can accurately track how their body changes as they work out and lose weight.

ZOOS Greek Iced Tea

ZOOS Founder: Kristina Tsipouras, Stetson University
Twitter: @drinkzoos

Kristina Tsipouras

ZOOS is a first-to-market, all-natural, real-brewed, caffeine-free, ready-to-drink Greek Iced Tea that is Yia-Yia approved!

2014 Winner & Finalists

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